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Social Media Importance

Social Media is the most important element in today’s world and we help clients to increase brand organically. It is imperative to increase loyalty towards brands that starts from creating an engaging content and our aim as a digital agency is to create customized strategies that not only increase brand loyalty but also boost sales. In today’s scenario any kind of marketing campaign is incomplete without the inclusion of digital media strategies and Social Media is increasingly becoming the most important aspect in campaign execution. Social Media today is considered the most effective medium to reach millions of potential customers worldwide.

3.5 Billion Social Media user Worldwide

An Individual spent 180 min Daily

75% Brands include SMO in Marketing

Beat your competitors with Social Media Marketing

Social Media Advantages:

  • Increases brand awareness
  • It’s a cost-effective medium
  • Easy to access and engage your audience
  • It helps in targeting a niche market segment
  • Helps in improving brand loyalty
  • Engaging medium for brand launch
  • Helps in interacting with your target audience
  • Increase brand loyalty and trust
  • Strategic targeting of potential customers
  • Increasing followers and loyalty
  • Generate quality leads
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Reach your audience with our custom Social Media Marketing services:

Facebook marketing Dubai

Facebook Marketing & Management

Facebook marketing is no longer an option under Social Media, especially when it comes to promoting your presence in the market … instead it’s a necessity. It is one of themost powerful Social Media platforms used by many businesses and brands to influence and interact with their audiences. Our team of experts will assist you in reaching out to your target audience and we will device a customized Facebook marketing plan.

Our services Includes:

  • Re-designing Facebook page
  • Proper setup
  • Impactful posting
  • Exceptional copywriting
  • Increase followers
  • Interact with audience
  • Generate leads
  • Community building
  • Join relevant Facebook groups
  • Group discussion participation
  • Executing Campaigns
  • Competitors Mapping

LinkedIn Management & Networking

LinkedIn is a powerful professional network if you want to promote your brand or personal profile, especially in B2B industry. Today there are more than 675 million LinkedIn users and it is a perfect platform to connect with brands decision makers, generate leads and engage with CXO’s and decision makers.

With the help of LinkedIn, you can build your brand story, expand your networking circle, increase referrals, reach your target audience and generate business leads. Connect with us to know more about how we can help you.

Our services include:

  • LinkedIn business page setup
  • Optimize business pages
  • LinkedIn page management
  • Designing engaging posts
  • Posting niche blogs
  • Engaging content writing
  • Run Campaigns
  • Increase page followers
  • Join relevant LinkedIn groups
  • Group discussion participation
  • Increase brand loyalty and trust
Linkedin Marketing Dubai
Instagram Marketing Dubai

Instagram Marketing & Management

Businesses around the world actively use Instagram to promote brands, especially retail brands. With over billion users globally, Instagram can bring great growth to your brand and increase client engagement as well. Instagram is much more than a photo sharing platform as it is an intelligent visual marketing app that is closely followed by top influencers or celebrities to promote businesses and brands across communities.

Our intention is to feature captivating photos that highlights your brand’s features, while generating leads and engagement. Instagram has grabbed the attention of many Social Media users and companies as per its popularity in world.

Our services include:

  • Impressive profile setup
  • Interacting with engaging content
  • Increasing followers & engagement
  • Running campaigns
  • Analysis of insights & competitors
  • Strategic targeting of potential customers
  • Keywords research, hashtags, trending topics etc.
  • Detailed performance reports

Twitter Management

Twitter has become increasingly popular with social users. With 330 million monthly active users, it is a platform where you can easily promote your products, research on trends;write niche blogs andget industry news. It is also the perfect platform to build relationships with experts, increase followers, reach new audiences, share interesting photos, retweet others' opinion and even ask for feedback. Twitter is also the ideal platform where businesses can increase their online visibility.

Our services include:

  • Set up a Twitter account
  • Daily account monitoring
  • Creating engaging content
  • Running campaigns
  • Research on hashtags and trending topics
  • Analysis of competition and insights
  • Commenting on blogs and articles
  • Running content campaigns
  • Increasing followers
Twitter Marketing Dubai
video-production Dubai

Video Production for Social Media Campaigns and YouTube channels for maximum visibility

Social Media videos are more popular than photo posts and these videos attract more customers towards the brand as compared to simply posting a photo. As an expert digital agency, we focus on creating video’s that deliver an engaging experience to your audiences and thus gives great results. Our teams of highly specialized video and photographers have many years of experience in producing engaging content that increase brand loyalty and improve brand positioning.

Our services include:

  • Understanding the brand requirement
  • Structuring the video production process
  • Professional script writing
  • Direction & shooting based script
  • Conducting interviews of key personnel
  • Providing professional artists and actors
  • Professional editing (short & long version)
  • Focusing on brand tone
  • Increase brand loyalty and trust

Do you want to grow your brand organically?

Social Media is the best medium to engage with target audience and Firstcomm Marketing will helps you to achieve your targets, get more leads and increase brand awareness for your business.


Why work with Firstcomm Marketing?

We are one of the best digital media agencies in Dubai with many years of experience working with elite brands. We specialize in offering customized Social Media packages based on the client requirements and our ultimate goal has always been to improve the brand positioning and generate more leads for our clients through various digital platforms and campaigns.

Our strategies include:

  • Creating impressive Social Media platforms
  • Preparing well-crafted Social Media Strategies
  • Contents writing from professionals
  • Research on competition & offer analysis
  • Research on key words and hashtags
  • Blogging based on the industry
  • Increasing followers and loyalty
  • Social Media engagement
  • Social Media campaigns
  • Community management
  • Professional video and photography for engagement
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Professional reporting

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