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SEO Optimization & Getting More Listeners

This E-Book can be sold as an expensive 6-month coaching program. All the content focuses on 2 very hot topics that are always getting lots of attention, these are:

  1. SEO Optimization
  2. Getting More Listeners

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Module #1

2800+Words Ready-To-Publish Report

Table Of Content

  1. Introduction          01
  2. Getting started                                                                                02
  3. Have goals                                                                                       05
  4. Create your podcast                                                                     08
  5. Optimize it for SEO                                                                       11
  6. Get more listeners                                                                         14


There are many great and effective ways to get your business to the world and reach the right audience. Many businesses use social media, YouTube, or blogs and always meet their goals. However, podcasting is one of the most effective marketing methods that only a few people take advantage of.

Module #2:

PRO E-Cover Graphics

(PNG & PSD Files Included)

Module #3:

Lead Capture & Delivery Pages

(Mobile Responsive HTML Files Included)

Lead Capture Page To Grow Your Subscribers List

Delivery Page (or Thank You Page)

Module #4:

Affiliate Center Pages

(Mobile Responsive HTML Files Included)

Module #5:

3x Affiliate Promotional Emails

(Mobile Responsive HTML Files Included)

Module #6:

9x Promotional Banner Graphics

(PNG & PSG Files Included)

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